Custom Fitting Testimonial - Antony Watkins

"Having injured my knee late in 2015 I have been struggling with the consistency of my game and felt it was time to see if the issue was me or my Clubs. I had looked at a number of different irons in the shop and ended up thinking I liked the look of the PING's. After cancelling my initial fitting due to inclement weather, I was fortunate enough to re-arrange on a day when Paul was having his fitting off PING.

I started off by hitting 20 or so balls to warm up before the launch monitor was set up and I started to hit balls "for real" with my current irons! As I hit the balls I recognised the same inconsistencies I had had on the course through the summer.

The next step of the fitting was to have a look at the contact of my existing irons with the ground - I hit about 4 balls with a strip on the bottom of the Club and each time we looked to see what the contact looked like - it was clear, even to me, that all was not well here and in fact the contact with the ground was well towards the toe. What this meant was I needed to have my irons set more upright.

At this stage I swapped over to a PING iron and with some adjustments it was not long until the contact with the ground was exactly where it should be. Immediately I found the ball flight of my shots much more pleasing, so we got on with the serious stuff of finding the shaft that best suited my game.

In the end, I tried 3 different shafts - the first and third I tried were the ones I liked the most, and the numbers off the launch monitor were significantly better than my current club. I ended up choosing the third one simply because I liked the extra weight in the shaft. After nearly 40 years of playing golf I finally gave up my 4 iron and switched to a Hybrid. I did try a Crossover 4 iron too but this did not give me the consistency of the Hybrid. I was amazed at how much easier the hybrid was to hit than my 4 iron.

So, looking at my results it really was an eye opener:

- My original 7 iron was carrying about 114 yards with a total distance of 134 yards
- The 7 iron I chose carried about 143 yards with total distance of around 157 yards

As well as the extra distance I was amazed at the improved dispersion of the shots I hit compared to my current irons. So, as a result of this I ended up buying a new set of PING i200's from 5 iron to PW and a 4 hybrid.

If you are struggling with your irons, think about doing what I did. It really was such an easy process and Paul was fantastic through it all. Am I going to win the Masters, or even the Club Championship...No, but I feel I have given myself a real opportunity to bring consistency back to my game and the confidence to try and come down a shot or two this summer!"


David M

"Huge Improvement!

Seen a massive improvement since Paul has been giving me lessons. I now can't wait for my next lesson"


Custom Fit Case Study - Peter Taylor

This is what Peter said.....

"I decided that I would treat myself to a new set of PING custom fitted irons with Paul who has been trained by PING as a registered club fitter. I thought graphite shafts would be better than steel, however following my fitting which gave me information on exact yardages for each different shaft I tried I gained 12 yards extra distance using a lightweight steel shaft. Most golfers don't think they are good enough for custom fitting, how wrong they are!!! It definitely leads to game improvement and at NO EXTRA COST"