Other services

Re-gripping service

Grip condition is often overlooked and incorrectly sized or worn grips can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your clubs in any condition. The grip is the only thing that connects you to the clubs and therefore the fit should be custom and perfect, which is why our golf club regripping services are such a vital part of the work we can offer. We stock an expansive range of grips varying from Golf Pride to Superstroke.

Loft & Lie Alterations

Having the correct Loft & Lie angles is key for consistent ball strike and the initial start direction of the shot. Alterations cost £5.00 per club or set of 9 irons for £40.00.

Club Repair

- Lengthen/shorten shafts £10.00
- Re-glue loose shafts £15.00
- Replace broken ferrules £15.00
- Fix shaft rattle £15.00
- Shaft Removal £10.00

Shaft replacement prices vary subject to the shaft make & model

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